Alumnae Chapter


September 2018 Newsletter

Presidents' Message:

Dear SAI Seattle Alumnae,

​Summer is slipping by as September unfolds and during this transition from hot summer nights to cool fall leaves we sisters are also traversing into new roles as we further our mission to Encourage, Nurture and Support the art of music.

​Encourage: to give support, confidence or hope; to help or stimulate an activity to develop. To google the definition is simple. To reflect as individuals, how we promote our mission may not be so easy. What do you do as a musician to encourage music in others? You may not be actively performing or teaching at this time; but, are you encouraging the art of music in other ways? Let us all take time this month to reflect and share with your sisters how you contribute to our mission to encourage the art of music.

​I am heartened to share that many members are stepping into committee leadership roles. My wish is that every member near and far, present in-person or in spirit at each meeting can feel they are an integral part of our chapter. I am invigorated by the executive board quickly working to pull together to launch the new season into action. I am also fortified to know that as we welcome sisters to the chapter this month, Seattle Alumnae will be embracing fresh viewpoints and ideas with compassion and graciousness.

​As we say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn, I ask you all to ponder what encouraging thoughts and deeds you would like to share with your sisters.

Warmest regards and Roses,
Sallie Baldwin
​SAI Seattle Alumnae Chapter President

Member Accolades:

JANICE GOCKEL: Please take a moment to read an article from Augustana University featuring our very own Janice Gockel. This article appeared in their August alumni/alumnae update.

SHAYNA STAHL: Shayna has been awarded the 2017-18 American Prize in Conducting! Please check this link to get more information about Shayna and the The American Prize: Congratulations, Shayna – your SAI sisters are very proud of all you do! And all you Husky fans, try your best to catch a game in person, as not only is Shayna one of the conductors of the UW Wind Ensemble and UW Concert Band, she is also involved with the UW Football Pep Band!