About our Chapter

​The Seattle Alumnae Chapter started meeting as a group in 1949 and was chartered as a chapter in 1951. Sadly, out chapter lost the last two remaining charter members, Carol Beaumier and Charlotte Totten, in 2016. Both members had been active participants in the chapter to the end.  Many of our other members have been with the chapter for a very long time, have served our chapter as officers, and have received the highest honors of the fraternity.

The Chapter received the Province Outstanding Alumnae Chapter Award in 2011-2012 as well as the National Alumnae Chapter Achievement Award for 2013-2014 during the presidency of Judy Stoffel Loewen.

Several individual members have also received national honors.  Dr. Gloria Swisher is a national Member Laureate who has served on the Pan Pipes staff, as Secretary for SAI Philanthropies, Inc. and as Editor for the 1990 SAI Songbook.  Nancy Matesky received the Nation Alumnae Leadership Award (Diamond Sword of Honor) in 2001.  In 2011, Krista Mercier was given an SAI Professional Development Grant for Yoga Teacher Training.  Lauren Trew received the 2015 National Treasurer Award.  The chapter awarded Jane Ann Bradbury the Seattle Alumnae Chapter "Heart Award" for her loving care of all her SAI sisters, and Nancy Matesky received the chapter's Generosity Award.

Alumnae Chapter


2021-2022 Executive Board

President: Katie Casamassa

Vice President, Membership: Lauren Trew

Vice President, Program: Amanda Wilson

Vice President, Ritual:  Janice Gockel

Recording Secretary:  Ria Lodick

Corresponding Secretary: Wendy Woolsey

Correspondence Team: Melissa Young - birthday cards

                                      Jane Ann Bradbury - Joys & Concerns

                                      Nancy Matesky - Province/National correspondence

Treasurer: Melissa Johnson

​Editor Tempo/Pan Pipes: Nancy Matesky

Newsletter Editor: Kathleen Dow

Active Members

Carol B. Biles                              Karina Kaiwi

Jane Ann Bradbury                     Ria Lodick

Katie Casamassa                        Judith (Judy) Stoffel Loewen

Monica Chilton                            Paula O. Nava Madrigal

Judy Coder                                  Nancy Matesky

Sheila Dennis                              Maria Meyer

Kathleen (Kitty) Dow                    Vicki White Miltun

Btitta (Jeanie) Duval-Hemmen    Niki Schwab

Jennifer Epps                              Holly Smith

Karin Fleegal                               Amanda Wilson

Ember Aasta Fry                         Wendy Woolsey

Janice Gockel                              Melissa Young

Melissa Johnson                                                    


Associate and Distinguished Members

Members in the Area                    Members Laureate                       National Honorary Members

Monica Allen                                 Dr. Gloria Swisher                         Renata Scotto

Melissa Appel                               Lynne Palmer (d.2010)                  Diane Schmidt

Sallie Baldwin                                                                                     Patricia Michaelian

Gladys Bath                                  Friends of the Arts                        Mary Curtis-Verna     

Mary Louise Clifton                      Dr. Charles Enlow

Katie Abel Christofersen              Erik Hanson                                  National Arts Associate  

Florence Day                               Dr. Michael Matesky                     Dr. Melvin J. Butler              

Ashley Bates Gianninoti              Donald Swisher                             

 Amanda Harris     

Joan Herald                                                            

Beth Kirchhoff

Patricia Jaeger

Phyllis Mines

Maurine Murray

Abby Osborne

Tracy Reich

Mary Ellen Rose-Witt

Bette Ann Schwede

Diane Schmidt

Sarah (Sasa) Schwartz

Dr. Shayna Stahl